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CFO in the Age of Disruption

Adjoint leading the call for modern financial management tools  


The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how critical the CFO and Treasurer are to the survival and success of their firms -- ensuring that their businesses have liquidity and are ready to thrive post-crisis. The global disruption has also shown how limiting the tools are at the disposal of the CFOs and their corporations. Data is often old - sometimes by a month or more. Data quality is often suspect, needing endless reconciliation and adjustments. The staff spends disproportionate time on reporting on past challenges, not managing upcoming risks or preparing for future opportunities.

In this post, we highlight how Adjoint is helping our clients to excel. We help our clients gather real-time financial data to drive integrated processes. Our clients serve their end-customers better. Our clients use their financial and human resources better. Our clients have tools to collaborate and to manage the disruption better and to recover stronger. You cannot afford to be late, a fact many CFOs are already focused on.



Financial technology investors highlight four key areas of opportunity:


Intelligent blocks

The Adjoint platform links financial data and cash balances controlled through conventional “point solutions” with multi-party workflows and documentation. Financial controllers benefit from an easy-to-use, no-code platform to create their own agile workflows to automate approvals and documentation,  in an auditable and compliant fashion. Companies are using the solution for managing intercompany lending, contract lifecycle management, supply chain finance and FX risk management.


Integrated data

Adjoint Treasury uses secure APIs and integrates with existing batch systems built upon financial industry standards to keep accounting infrastructure in sync across multinational data silos. The platform pulls and pushes data into recordkeeping and reporting systems for each legal entity, department or supply chain partner. This enables fewer reconciliations, fewer delays and removes any necessity for downloading and emailing of spreadsheets.


In-house Banking & Virtual Account Management

Integration becomes especially powerful when connected to the array of Adjoint’s partners. These include some of the most forward-looking global banks and financial firms. These provide a real-time gateway to balances, investments, transactions, foreign exchange and hedging. For corporates, this means financial transactions move to real-time visibility and control: across payments, collections, liquidity, investments, lending and insurance. Especially powerful here is the ability for the CFOs to improve available free cash and, over time, rebuild returns on capital.


Data and Reporting

The always-reconciled, error-free data is channelled to customisable reporting dashboards and forecasting tools for actionable insights for the CFOs and their enterprise. Treasurers can aggregate and leverage the output from the data created from collections of workflows to create tables and charts of exportable PDFs and spreadsheets or share with colleagues through the platform directly.

Use Cases

Adjoint and its clients are rolling out a fully digital, cloud-based infrastructure to simplify and digitize cash. They are optimizing cash, reducing costs, consolidating capital, adding resilience to supply chains, and serving their end clients better. They use our embedded fintech platform to leverage workflow automation and manage contract lifecycles with integrated data from traditional corporate and banking data silos.

Other Use cases deployed include:

  • Inter-company loan approvals, accruals and tracking 
  • Untrapping liquidity stuck across a large number of operating bank accounts by using real-time visibility and flexible pooling structures to access intra-day liquidity
  • Use of virtual or sub-ledger accounts for faster invoicing & collections, and e-wallets for vendors & freelance workers
  • Managing FX risk by hedging client and supplier invoices
  • Gross real-time settlement across entities
  • Multilateral netting, internally or with customer
  • Automating movement of cash and data across the corporate insurance cession chain
  • Security and resilience in supply chains with dynamic supplier invoice discounting and distributor invoice factoring

Adjoint is expanding its user base among forward-thinking CFOs and Treasurers. Modern tools are essential for recovering strongly and thriving in a post COVID-19 world. Reach out to discuss how Adjoint Treasury can help you achieve that.

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