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Adjoint No-Code Workflows for Embedded Corporate Fintech

Welcome to the Uber-isation of Corporate Finance

Accelerated digitalisation is the need of the hour.  CFO’s are proactively responding to this crisis by leading investments in their firms to digitize their processes so they can respond and lead in agile fashion. However, their choices have been limited with no clear ROIs. They have to rely on an army of consultants to come in to do this transformation, often with technology tools that are not future-proofed and often create more technical debt.

In numerous conversations with CFOs and Treasurers, we found that there is a strong need for robust, secure and auditable, yet flexible processes that can support work-from-anywhere teams across departments. Adjoint found this lacking in the marketplace and has  risen to this challenge with its latest product module, Adjoint No-Code Workflows.

Adjoint No-Code Workflows is a cloud-hosted platform that allows users to create and start using workflows in minutes rather than days or weeks. It combines 3 important building blocks that drives all corporate finance processes:

  1. Contracts 
  2. Live Data
  3. Cash Management

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Users can create or populate the platform with contract templates that have been approved by their legal department or outside legal counsel. These contracts can have meta-tags that are data-fields that are filled in during a workflow, resulting in an executable contract including signatures, ready to drive subsequent steps in the contract lifecycle. Examples of contracts range from NDAs, employment, insurance and brokerage, inter-company loans, credit lines and revolvers, guarantees, joint ventures, transfer pricing, etc. You can now make your contracts come alive by embedded data and real-time tracking.


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Live data

All data captured during a workflow not only populates a contract but is also tracked for event-driven actions. The data can be manually entered or it can be pulled from a corporate system (e.g. ERP or CRM)and pushed back into other systems. The data can also be pulled from external systems (like banks, market data providers, investment advisors, brokers, etc.), Using the Adjoint Connect module, data can be synchronized across various data silos and made actionable in a workflow. This data may be text, numerical, dates, comments (typically replacing email trails) or files (PDFs, screenshots, etc.). All of this data and documents can be gathered in batches or in real-time through restful APIs.


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Cash Management

Few financial workflows are complete without touching bank accounts or updating ledger accounts (e.g. receivables or payables). Whether recording a payment to reconcile receivables or generating payment instructions after approvals have been obtained against a payable , the platform works seamlessly with Adjoint’s Virtual Account Sub-ledger platform. Thus it keeps track of individual account balances, linked to existing ledgers in ERP, TMS and banks for end-to-end functions.

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Enterprise-ready features

  1. Secure. Role-based access to control processes, implement four-eyes or even more advanced controls  for approvals, and place guardrails (such as thresholds or process paths) to prevent errors or fraud with highly secure data access.
  2. Audit Friendly. Every data update, approval or transaction is recorded in a time-stamped manner tied to the contract
  3. Stakeholder friendly. Create workflows that interact with automation and security with suppliers, partners, customers and employees. 


Whether it is rolling out a receivables reconciliation program, supply chain finance, early wage access or customer prepayment programs, you are no longer restricted in how you adapt to this post-Covid world. This is truly a modern CFO stack to enable Corporate Finance professionals to leverage their own internal Corporate Fintech-as-a-service.


Quick ROIs

Eliminate manual processes, delays, manual data reconciliation, errors, risks and fraud, all while being up and running quickly in a value-driven usage based model. 


If software is eating the world, why shouldn’t Corporate Finance professionals have a say on what’s on the menu. We have architected the Workflow tool, to allow any finance professional to create their own digitized workflows using a very intuitive drag and drop interface to create workflow templates, work with formulas, visualize steps and use dashboards to track workflows once initiated. Corporate Finance professionals can now create their own Embedded Corporate Finance apps.


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